Opportunistic Acquisitions

Strategic focus on assets located in attractive locations in proximity to major employment centers.


30 years of operating and managing in distressed neighborhoods in Texas.

Creating revitalized communities

Revitalize mismanaged, socio-economically distressed communities, transforming them into safe and quite long-term homes.

We rebuild lost communities

Kalkan Capital invests in socio-economically distressed neighborhoods
and communities and transforms run-down residential units into safe
and affordable multifamily housing for working-class families.

We are a real estate company, focusing on improving assets,
implementing a strategic improvement model of both physical
and social rehabilitation.

a sun

Over 10,000

Residential Units

Over $1 Billion

Asset Value


Assets Ownership

Over 40,000


Our Investment Approach

Deep Value Add

Physical care of the properties -
through repair, renovation and constant improvement to the assets, we create a standard for safe and attractive environments for our communities.

Committed to Rebuild Communities

We revitalize communities by reducing crime and ultimately restoring discontinued services in the area such as mail delivery, utilities, and even pizza and Amazon package deliveries. We rebuild lost trust between police and residents.

Caring and serving the underserved

Seeking to create healthy, safe and affordable communities for people with moderate and low incomes.

Proven Success on Revitalizing Communities

At Kalkan Capital, we do not just look at real estate as it is today—we see it as it could be.
We aim to invest throughout the United States and provide clean, quiet,
safe and affordable housing to underprivileged people.

Crime Reduction Rates

Removing the career criminal
elements in a community

Between 2016-2022 Kalkan Capital acquired more than 3,500 residential units in 9 assets in Greenspoint, applying its unique deep value add approach that led to a rebranding of the neighborhood as a whole and of the properties in particular.

Canfield Apartments
Mira Vista Apartments
La Esencia Apartments

Innovation for Global,
Impact on Social

We invest and engage with the conviction that authentic ESG integration across our portfolios leads to exceptional value creation and positive, long-term impact on the environment and society.