Our Expertise

Kalkan Capital is operating for 30 years with current assets totaling approximately $1 billion.

Our operation targets properties in distressed neighborhoods, which prior to our acquisition are
extremely dilapidated and mismanaged, and have severely low occupancy and high delinquency rates.

We specialize in adding deep value with a unique repositioning approach – combining physical building renovation with significant social support and services for the benefit of working-class families.

Deep Value Add

Implements value add strategy that combines the physical improvement of the properties alongside social actions to improve the community climate in the properties, in a way that results in a significant change in the property’s visibility and operational performance.

We manage its assets through the group’s over 400 employees and control the entire value chain – locating the asset, financing, value add, and ongoing management and maintenance.

Building Renovation

We invest in multifamily housing units below market prices and transform
these units into family-oriented and safe housing.

We completely renovate the apartment complexes we acquire, and we gain the trust of the local community with a sincere handshake and eye contact.

We implement vast property improvements including repairing structural issues, improving maintenance of indoor and outdoor spaces, renovating the property’s shared spaces, and creating a welcoming and safe living environment.

Property & Asset Management

Kalkan Capital specializes in the lease-up and stabilization of under-performing properties, and our innovative management philosophy has been a major key to the firm’s success.

We remove the career criminal elements in a community, whether it be gangs, drug dealers, or human traffickers, and significantly improve the service provided to the remaining lower-income community in the area.

We do this by exercising the “broken glass” theory, stating that if all broken windows are repaired, criminals will avoid a well-maintained property and leave to seek an easier target.

We regularly give out thousands of shoes, backpacks, and meals to children and families in various areas of the city and organize community events consistently at all our properties to nurture a community culture.

We hire unskilled, inexperienced staff and teach them how to be caring, responsible community leaders.

We partner with well established community services such as YMCA, ALLIANCE, INTERFATIH MINISTRIES, CATHOLIC CHARITIES ect. to help refugees from all over the world such as Ukrainians, Afghans, Cubans and many more. 

We revitalize communities by restoring the interrupted service of other vendors, along with removing career criminal elements, and providing superior service.
We specialize in investing in crime/gang-infested neighborhoods.​ ​
We rebuild the lost trust between residents and law enforcement.
We work closely with city, state, and federal officials, along with multiple charities.
We provide superior service to poor demographics.​
We oppose gentrification.
We take pride in serving the underserved.
We are Kalkan Capital. Cares, and serves the underserved.