Kalkan Capital was recently awarded the '2022 The Elite Execution Award` by the American Institute of Investment Housing.

The Elite Execution allows business owners to create high-growth and high-profit businesses, leave a legacy, and make a lasting impact.

This award recognizes the organization:

That has the combined strategy, people, operations, and acceleration to enable growth year over year.


By paraphrasing: ‘We invest into distressed neighborhoods that no other investor wants to invest in. As you may know, if you look at any real estate book it says the 3 most important criteria to invest in property are location, location, and location. We ignore this rule because our wisdom tells us elsewise: We say forget about the location, it’s all about value, value, value. Problems that we inherit by investing in distressed communities such as high crime, low occupancy, etc are solved very easily, and our business plan is deemed practically risk-free because we can’t make things any worse than they already are. Whatever we do can only improve the situation, hence increasing its value. In fact, our style of investment yields higher returns than any other venture we have observed.

Right now, we own and operate close to 12,000 units. We aim to invest throughout the United States and provide clean, quiet, safe and affordable housing to underprivileged people. We are growing 30 percent annually for 20 years, regardless of macroeconomic conditions, recessions, or federal interest rate hikes. Our margins are so large that we outlive and outlast any competitor, using this to our advantage to acquire more than we do during normal circumstances.

I thank you all very much for coming here, It’s been a big pleasure.’ said Dr. Kalkan CEO and Founder of Kalkan Capital.